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Sometimes you want to go on an adventure with just your friends and family. We understand. Thats why we cater to private adventures. We’re not your typical concierge service. As an adventure seeker who doesn’t embrace typical sightseeing rackets, Danny can show you the most popular places in the city where the locals go, or help you plan a custom adventure in the mountains, lakes or B.C. rivers. Whether you want to go by land, air, water or a combination of the three, Danny can create unique British Columbian adventures. You may be planning a bachelorette party, a surprise engagement, a club outing, a youth group trip, or maybe just a day out with the family. No matter what the occasion there is no better place than a wild river, untouched forest, or a breathtaking mountain top to bring your group together in a healthy and fun environment and create memories that will last a lifetime.